ARCHER RV ARCHER KIA Deceptive salesperson Spring, Texas!!. I purchased a used camper trailer through an internet transaction from a salesman whom I thought was from a reputable dealership, having found only one complaint on the internet about this business. I bought this 24 foot Keystone Zeppelin Travel Trailer from Archer RV at 21103 I-45 North which is in Spring, Texas and associated with Archer Kia in Houston. It was a telephonic deal, described as like new by the salesman Lloyd Redman. He stated the interior looked as if it was never lived in. I had it picked up by a transportation company and brought to me, having befriended the convincing salesman and believed every word he said. Turns out it was a repo that was never even checked out by the dealer when they acquired it. Everything leaked, tires bald, etc., etc., etc. I am not criticizing anyone except myself because it was me that allowed myself to be snookered by slick talk. I am just hoping I can keep someone else from suffering the same fate. I have lost $10K to date – purchase price, transportation costs, repairs, and tax/registration. I will be lucky to recoup a couple of thousand on a trade in. I am sure there are many fine employees of Archer, but I could never consider Mr. Redman to be one of them. Please do not buy an RV from the internet sight unseen. Please learn from my mistake, and save yourself a lot of stress. This one is going to be an expensive lesson for me.

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