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Avoid these people!! do not trust anything that they say. What they promise is a calculated lie. This written review is to aid all potential clients with substantial liquid or hard assets – gems, nickel, copper, ore, etc. – and you intermediaries Brokers) who may be referred to: | 1. Andrew phan, attorney, ca and nv, usa. | 2. Everclear management, inc. Emi), cook islands with l.A., ca office, justin houde, ceo. | 3. Vincent patrick of outvst, llc & ltd, delaware corp. With l.A. Office, london and vietnam offices and incorporations. See list of links of past scams from this man below.) | They don’t know what vetting a provider is! they didn’t even run background checks! they cost our clients huge sums and we intermediaries millions in commissions and damaged our reputations!! | If you want details, here they are: | Andrew phan, esq., ca usa, may 2017 through september 2017. Gross misrepresentation of his clients’ capabilities and history of performance, ineptitude to create a professional, written contract and quickly incorporate changes as requested by clients and poor communication/follow up with said clients. | My intermediary network had 4 european clients with hard assets – nickel and copper – that they wanted to get monetized so they could take the funds into trade. They were the perfect clients with their assets in well-known facilities in europe Secure, insured warehouses) and assays and appraisals for their assets by one of germany’s most respected appraisers, igas. Their skr’s Safe keeping receipts) were paid up through this fall and they had already passed compliance with another monetizer who failed to perform. Andrew phan contacted an associate intermediary who called me with solid, vetted info that andrew was the attorney for a company that had found a performing monetizer who would take these assets and have them monetized within 2-3 weeks of submission of a package. | May 5, 2017: we forwarded 2 kyc packages received from clients’ european intermediary with multi-billion euro value of copper powder and another nickel wire package with hundreds of millions of euro appraised value to my associate who had contacted me. He forwarded them to andrew and told me that andrew sent them on to his contact company, emi Everclear management, inc., cook islands with l.A., ca office), that had found this performing monetizer. | Emi, everclear management, inc., justin houde, ceo. Andrew phan, on behalf of this company, emi, presented a jv partner agreement to these 2 potential clients requiring that emi received the entire monetization amount for these clients in their off-shore trust account and would retain 30% Thirty percent) of the proceeds from the monetization and forward the remaining 70% to whatever account was designated by the client. The contract had many phrases and specifics that were poorly written, confusing and several that should not have included. There were clauses about upfront fees Never mentioned before) and fees owing if the package failed to be monetized. Where the 70% of the monetization would be sent was not specified in the contract. Our clients had to write a few emails which we intermediaries submitted, repeating the same demands that these upfront fees or failure-to-close fees be removed from the contracts. In addition, we had to create separate ifpa’s and agree to a specific paymaster who would receive the 70% and retain the commission on the intermediaries’ behalf and disburse it to us per the sub-fee agreement. That paymaster’s info had to be inserted in to the contract with emi. After two weeks, we finally got all of the required changes into the jv agreement and our clients signed and submitted the agreement back to andrew. It took 8-9 days to get a counter-signature from andrew as attorney for emi! | The contract had a 4-6 week Not 2 as initially promised) time line for monetization and we were just past the middle of may of this point. Emi supposedly had put together a package with several kyc hard asset submissions and sent it to their monetizer. We couldn’t get any solid update for a couple of weeks. We were told that emi would not respond to andrew’s inquiries If indeed he made them. Only one intermediary had direct contact with andrew, the rest of us only several emails.) finally, during week 5 of the jv contract, we received a forwarded email from someone named chris who was supposedly an officer of emi who revealed that the monetizer was upset with emi’s poorly constructed package Already reworked and resubmitted twice!) – missing client info, shopped Submitted to many monetizers in the last few months) packages – and he wanted to put emi’s package off to august for monetization so there was time to clean up the package so it could actually be processed. Chris stated that he was flying to london the next week to meet with the monetizer to work something out to keep us in the current monetization phase. | Last week june 2017, week 6: we heard from andrew through my direct contact that chris had flown to london, apparently had not had a positive meeting with the monetizer and had made arrangements with a barclay’s bank in-house trader to take the packages – each on their separate merit, not as one package from emi – and that we were all transferring to this barclay’s trader! they also passed on the info that the trader would not take more than 2 weeks to monetize and get the funds into trade. | We submitted two more packages from the same european intermediary, another nickel wire Hundreds of millions of euros) and another copper powder Multi-billion euros), all stored with the same facility and with current skr and valid appraisals. | The two current emi jv agreements had to be addendumed for this new trader who would monetize and create a year-long trade for the clients. Those addendums came within a week and we again had to demand that andrew remove the upfront fees that would be required by our clients, etc. That was finally cleaned up and jv agreements were signed by our clients and countersigned within a couple of weeks by the president of emi, justin houde. To date, we had no contact info for emi, justin houde or chris except for justin’s email address. Andrew claimed to have spoken with the barclay’s trader and vetted him out thoroughly and that he had performed as promised in the past so we let this lack of contact stand and went along with the new option. We finally got the contracts for our third and fourth clients right after august 1st. | The barclay’s trader did not contact our clients as promised once they passed compliance Again). All we received over the next few weeks was a declaration that the trader had to set up insurance wraps for each individual skr-ed asset and that was taking more time than anticipated. So much for having performed in the recent past. | Mid-august, 2017: our clients demanded a term sheet for the monetization and trade or they were going to cancel their most recent contract with emi. We went a few days with no solid reply and, ultimately, andrew called my contact and told him to let all of us intermediaries know that he had found a monetizer, who would locate a great trader as well, right in l.A., ca. Andrew, without any permission from our clients, had already told emi that he was cancelling all emi jv contracts and was taking our clients elsewhere! | This did not sit well with them. However, because of the promises that the new monetizer made, they went along with this change. Andrew told them just to email justin that a cease and desist emails to cancel the emi jv contract; we suggested that they attach a notarized letter to that effect. Once they were ready to make the cancellation and sent it to emi, the email for justin was closed down and they couldn’t contact him so they sent the c&d’s to andrew as the company’s attorney. | New l.A. Monetizer, vincent patrick, managing director/ceo of outvst, llc and ltd. Vincent had a 3-way with andrew and one of our euro clients that same day and told our client that he would have a status update letter in 2 days and a term sheet for the monetization within 5 business days. He told our client that he had been active and performing in monetizing all kinds of hard assets and nickel/copper were no problem! he also had a trader in mind who would make them a great offer for a year-long trade, with the same division of 30/70 of the weekly proceeds and emi’s contract. | End of september, 2017: vincent blatantly lied about his companies’ capability and the time line to monetize and take into trade hard assets! within 4-5 weeks, with no status letter or term sheet and no communication as to when they would come, our first two clients demanded a term sheet as they were in negotiation with another trade group who had made them a solid offer within a couple of days of initiation of negotiations! our second two just wanted a time line for receipt of same. | Finally, by the end of september, vincent sent an emailed “status update” letter to all four clients stating that his processing department could not comply with their demand for a term sheet by the end of september and, therefore, he was ceasing to work on these files! he made no mention of his previously promised quick turn-around dates and simply “blew off” our clients, stating that if they ever had a lot more time to waste with his processing department in the future, they were welcome to re-apply for monetization! | Links of other complaints re: vincent patrick and his various scams over the last decade or so. | Check out the company website for outvst, llc and ltd, and you’ll find that this company supposedly has foreign investors for funding for small projects and, unrelatedly, u.S. Naturalization support. This company is obviously not an asset monetizing group! there is not one word about their ability and past history of the monetization of billions of euros of assets or international trade programs, etc., as was touted so strongly to us! | __________________________________ | As you can imagine, this was devasting news after 5 months of intense work with hundreds of emails among intermediaries and with clients! our clients had lost 6+ months of profits from their assets Multi-billions of euros) and we intermediaries lost huge commissions from the monetization as well as the 2 year long trades!


Name: Arcis Law Firm

Country: United States

State: California

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