Arctic Cat


Arctic Cat Offroad cycle and ATV Port Hope Ontario Brand new ATV sold with Faulty workmanship Pot hope, Ontario!!. Offroad cycle in Port Hop Ontario sold me a Brand new arctic cat 400atv in 2003, assured me that thier people could assemble it properly and it was in full working order. It wasn’t, as someone along thier line fed a crimped boot into a carbuerator (meaning dirty air has full access to carberator and blew my machine up) The machine ran poorly for a thousand miles and quit entirely. Closer inspection found this failure, which is on either the installing shop or the manufacturer. Letters to the dealershp never so much as returned reponse, I assume they feel thier hands are washed clean of this one. Now I have 700lb paperweight noone will take responsibility for. This was 10 k machine that was detroyed by thier poor quality control.

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