arctic freeze


arctic freeze and all of the staff including brett oneill and his wife liers thieves ripoof artist largo Florida!!. There are several customer postings on this site. I was once employed here . I quit on my own accord so what I say you can take as gospel.. Both concerns listed on Ripoff Scams..are totally 100% the truth.. FIrst they lie to every customer. they charge above list prices .. and they also over ride a standard labor guide MIchell by a minimum of 20% ..They charge for work that was not done ie eelectriacl shorts.. They use the cheapest parts avaliable with no concern of quality. They cahrge illegal percetages added into ypour bill listed as shop fees .. They advertise that they employ ASE certified techs.. What a load of crap.. AS far as the Owner Bretts criminal rap sheet ALL TRUE .. Not to mention he bounces checks all over town including his emplyees pay checks.. Do you really want a tech working on your car whos main concern all week is if his pay check is going to clear???? MORE TO FOLLOW DO NOT BRING YOUR VEHICLES HERE UNLESS YOU LIKE IMPROPER AND UNNEEDED REPAIRS AND BEING OVERCHARGED

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