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I just want you all to know the kind of company is area trend here on amazon. Amazon should not be supporting them at all. I bought this same watch from them for $154 in april 2015. Unfortunately i did not use it immediately because my hand was injured and my old bracelet was not very comfortable. 2 months later after the purchase i finally put it on but i only used it for about 1 week. I put it away for a few days and when i wanted to put it on again i noticed that the watch had some water inside already. Supposedly the watch has some water resistance but i dont believe thats true. Either that, or the vendor sold me a used watch when it specifically stated that it was “new”. It could also be a replica. | The reason im saying all of this is because i bought a watch very similar to this one which has lasted me 16 years. I only had it serviced for repair once. One time it got stuck in my sink which was stuck there until the next day in the afternoon when a plumber came in to take it out. | When it came it, it was literally intact. It stopped working about a few months ago so thats why i decided to buy this one. | I feel really bad because amazon has done nothing on their part to help get me an exchange or a refund from this vendor. This review will go | This watch lasted 3 months and my older one 16 years. The vendors argument is that i have already “used” it. Of course ive used it. Otherwise i would have left it in my drawer knowing the garbage i purchased in the first place.

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