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I had noticed that our paper, the argus observer, continualy, daily, prints editorials from The Heritage Foundation. Also, that they post the gentlemens picture huge!! I mean , this is online, and its twice as big as any other photo. They asked for comments on a article. I gave mine about the photo, as well as some negative info on Heritage,–very political. The photo info, they posted and did not post my real comments, which was begging for equal time from a liberal syndicated writer—ie equal time. I did not specify any particular coulmnist. | I decided to write a reporter about my non posted material. Instead, THE ASSSITANT manager replyed to me about only the photo size. She chose to write me. This prompted me to write back to her, politcally charged, asking questions and comments. No reply. I wrote again. Same subject matter. No reply Not detered, I wrote a third time to a unnamed editor (the phone and email were listed, but no name.) The following is a email I received///vRaymond J Shimels, | Leslie Thompson is the Editor of the Argus Observer and Independent Enterprise. I am the Publisher of both papers as well. | As much as we appreciate reader interaction, you comments and emails are considered inappropriate. Corporate has blocked your IP address from commenting and any further emails from you will be considered harassment and treated as such. | If you continue to harass Leslie, the next step will be in involvement of our attorney.///////// Wow–my issue is his unfounded and oviously polically driven responce-here is my reply///Sir, This is a follow up to my previous 2 emails, after consulting counsel, I’ ve decided to add the following. I apologize if this a infringement on your time, but clarification is in order. Be aware, you did not threatened me against correspondence with you, so I have proceeded. Your paper does not say who the editor is. | Leslie is stated to be the assistant. I received a email from Leslie in response to a issue I took. Never received a response, so 2 or 3 followed. Since you have them, I have no need to burden you with repetition. What followed was your correspondence with threats. I do not take a threat lightly. I have no reason to continue any correspondence with Leslie. I just wanted her to answer some of my questions. If you chose to judge that my content was harassment, so be it. I will not accept your stance, and if she had wrote and expressed that she wanted them to stop, they would have. The fact of the matter is, I never wrote that first letter to her, it was to a reporter. I NEVER CHOSE TO SPEAK TO HER She chose to intercept my email to said reporter I’m sure you must have that info as well, I do. | With all that being said, I want to be transparent and document what has occurred. I feel this whole situation is a slur on my character and reputation. Check that if you care to. I have filed with CMLP Legal Threats Database as well as with others. I thought a man of your education and placement in the community would not rush with threats to destroy a individual. Sir, that is what happens when a harassment lawsuit in filed–right or wrong, true or false, irrecoverable damage is done to the the defendant. I’m sure you are aware of this also. For you, the corporation and its lawyers, I have no intention of contacting you again. My premise was for open dialog concerning what you choose to highlight in print. | You obviously have a set agenda to what you print and by whom. I respect your choice and 100% disagree with it. Good day sir, Possibly in the future, if not for me but others, your editor would not be mute to her requirements. Pity. RAYMOND J SHIMELS ////////// My whole issue is why does this little man threaten me for something oviuosly I never did. He does not even have the morals to sign a name. Why does the paper have a mute for a editor. She could have asked me not to write. Whats the problem John??? Do you just hire puppets for positions> can she not speak? I did not want to talk to her in the first place. The reporter I wanted to talk to was a person of color. Can you guess why? | The paper has a conservative agenda. I can appreciate it, but why ask for impute, when you dont want it and why badger me with threats and your own definition of harrassement. I do not like being threatend. I will not accept it or stand for it, regardless of how many times, Mr.Dillon has hos photo in his paper.

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