Ariel Kell – Jefferson City, Missourri Missouri


Ariel Kell not only loves to sleep with married men, but can’t take a hint when they don’t really want her. She was cheating on her husband while she was pregnant and then leaves him after the baby is born to “be with” a married man who did not leave his wife’s for her. She follows said man and his family to a new town and after she’s been caught, still doesn’t know when to quit and get her own man. She loves to text Dirty pics and videos. She doesn’t take care of her daughter like she should. She’s just about as bad of a mom as she is at being a woman (that’s a loose name for her). She does not have any respect and no morals. Completely unstable. Works as a waitress at IHOP. She fantasizes about being raped and about incest, thinks about suicide often….a real f’d up individual. So ladies beware if you have a man, especially a black man which is her taste when picking them.

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