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arizona classic car specialties danny diedrich lied to about 1963 chevrolet impala phoenix Arizona!!. I purchased a 1963 chevrolet impala convertable from arizona classic car specialties. on ebay i had it inspected by auto appraisal network in phoenix penn black, they appraised it for the asking price of 28,950 what they found bad was frount drivers seat needed repair. I wanted to arrange my own shipping but was told by the seller Danny that he was a professional and could do it better than me and had licensed carriers. He charged originally $1500 but in 4-5 weeks he could not get anyone to ship it so he asked for an additional $300 to ship it total of $1800. He hired Perez Trucking to ship the car from Arizona to New Hampshire, after another week it wound in a barn in Mesquite Texas for another 2 weeks, Perez Trucking hired RF Transportation who finally brought it Westfield, Ma where I drove 2 hours each way to pick it up, On picking it up it had been driven 40 miles while in the possession of Perez Trucking and had considerable damage to the paint and windshield amounting to $1700. While driving home from Ma, I found out that the headlights, taillights and signals didn’t work, lucky I got home safely. On further inspection of the car the entire electrical wiring , the carbeutor, and spark plug wires had to be replaced, we went for a ride after replacing everything and the shifting linkage fell apart, it locked up in 4th gear on the highway and had to be towed. The seller Danny stated that the car could be driven any place, anytime with no problem, he assured me that he had driven it himself. We asked Danny to reimburse us for the damages done in transit, since Perez Trucking has a $2500 deductible and will not pay for the $1700 damages. I feel Danny should be held accountable for the some of the damages incurred because he never check the insurance of the trucker. Danny no longer answers my emails or my phone call, Word to the wise don’t ever do business with Airzona Classic Cars in Arizona Disappointed and disillusioned, Don Daly

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