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This company is so poorly managed, they have no idea what their service techs do when they should be servicing pools. The techs are supposed to do full service weekly cleaning, and somehow complete the entire service in under 1 minute! And good luck trying to reach anybody who can actually help you, with 3 numbers listed, it’s still impossible to actually talk to anybody who knows a thing about what services they should be providing. I refused to pay for a service call that literally started and ended at 1:27pm, yet the tech documented he had performed all services. After 4 messages, and 2 people who “couldn’t help” I was finally contacted by Preston. Who initially apologized, said the tech would be back to actually do the service, or he would come himself. Then? Silence. I asked them to simply provide me with documentation of what had actually been done to my pool, before I pay them a ridiculous 84.00 per month for nothing. Preston was not able to tell me the last time the filter was cleaned, the pool back washed, chlorine added, filter or pump serviced, but he did tell me that the pool had not even been swept in over 4 weeks!!! But he thought it was still appropriate to charge the full amount. Ripoff! They have no control over their techs, no records of what is actually done, and no ethics not to charge when they admit the services you pay for are not being done. Good luck with this company if you are “trusting” them to actually service your pool. I have now found a reputable company who actually documents when the tech arrives, when they leave, photo documents the pool upon arrival and departure, and leaves detailed TRUE data of what is done at every service. Not that hard, Az Pools! Do not use this company! If they “acquired” your account like they did ours, find another company quick! They are liars and thieves who have no idea how to run a business or manage their service techs.

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