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arkansas transco Transco Bait-&-switch, liers, lown down and dirty cabot Arkansas!!. i own a 2006 hyundai tuscon and it was having transmission problems and stopped in at Ar transco and inquired on getting it fixed the first week of may. some guy in there test drove it and told Austin what the transmission was doing. It was determined that i would need a new transmission. Austin (owner) then told me it would be around $1700 and would take 2 days to fix. I surely didnt have $1700!! But wait…I have a warranty. i just bought the car in august. so i told him i would have to find the warranty paperwork. on May 20 i called Ar Transco and told them to “go ahead” and pick it up, i had found the paperwork and the warranty covers a tow as well. when i got home the car was gone..he had towed it there. on may 23 i stopped in to see what the status was..because he had told me 2 days. i was greeted by austin and he said it would probably be monday before he got to it. I waited til tuesday…gave him that extra day..and when i went in i was told this time that he had to fire one of his mechanics so that has put him behind..and told me to give him a couple days. Went in on friday..Austins daughter was there and she said she didnt know the status of my car but inly thing she knew was he was “backed up” real bad. at this point I am so very sick and tired of hearing excuses! On the following Tuesday I decided to call instead of wasting my time going in there and i was told then that this thing is a process. he said he will have to get it in there pull it out, call insurance and give them the info on it, they will have to send an adjuster out to inspect it (they would wait about a week) in that time the transmission would be spread out on bench just taking up room while they decide if they gonna pay or not. I decided i would wait til he called me and informed me. very sick of this place now! but i knew better than to argue or kick up dust while my car was there for him to screw up something else. He finally called me about 10 days later and said the adjuster was due to be there the next day. but he didnt show til 2 days later. This circus went on until july 2 i finally got to pick my car up! Guess what? it didnt even make it the mile to my house. i was in tears walking with my grandson. called him he was going to send tow truck. called on 3rd he said it would be monday before he could look at it. called tuesday said it was fixed. i went to get it and was told i had to pay the bill. i did $325 it was “TPS” guess what? it only made it bout mile and half. same thing it was doing the last time he said he fixed it. and low n behold he was at the bank cashing the check i wrote within an hour of me leaving. (go figure). that to me kinda shows guilt. he knew he didnt fix my car and he knew i would stop payment..and he was right! but it was too late. he already got the money. now theres a few things that were said in this circus that has be believing he was he said I list money on this deal ..because the warranty company sent in a brand new transmission to him to install. he said its good for you but not me. he said i didnt get that sale on a transmission. he also told me that they didnt pay him for towing it..and that was out of his pocket. well guess what its outta my pocket now. i had to pay the $75 tow..$85 tps (throttle position syncor)

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