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Complaint: I found online to sell used laptops. Mine looked beautiful, but would not power up. I entered info on their site and they offered me $47 for my 5 year old Acer. I thought it was low, but they promised to erase the hard drive and it was more than I was getting for it just sitting there. I had the laptop 5 years, but it sat on my desk closed while I used a separate keyboard and monitor. I may have taken it on two trips, in a briefcase. The keyboard was rarely used and the case was immaculate. It wouldn’t start up so I got a new battery. It worked for a short time and then stopped again. Rather than have it repaired, I bought a new one. I suspect the motherboard is bad. When the laptop was received by them, they said it had defects: LCD Back cover/lid – minor cosmetic damage Keyboard – minor worn or faded keys Bottom case/housing – Broken plastics, vent or latching I was given a new offer of $22, less than half of the original offer. I told them that the laptop was in perfect condition when shipped and I asked for pictures of the damage. They said that they were unable to take pictures because they have so many laptops, but offered me $27. I told them to return my laptop (their website said if the offer wasn’t acceptable that they would return it for free). They then said that they were able to offer a one-time increase to $34. I told them that I thought the original $47 was low and that $34 was not acceptable. They then said as a courtesy that they would honor the original offer of $47. I told them that I thought there was nothing wrong with my laptop and that they had used these tactics to get me to accept less. I wanted my laptop returned so that I could see the damage for myself. I received the laptop yesterday and there was no damage to either the cover/lid or the bottom case/housing. My keyboard was pristine with no worn or faded keys. I have pictures to prove this. I received my laptop back, and assume that they did not remove any parts inside, but have to way to prove this. So, there is really nothing that can be done at this time except warn others not to use this company. Their Facebook page has glowing compliments from customers that are written in broken English. I assume that people were paid to put these remarks on their site. I’m sure my negative comment will be removed.

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Address: 225 Live Oaks Blvd Casselberry, Florida USA



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