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Arrow Auto Glass Arrow Auto Glass, Rude Employee’s, Sub Contractor and Dont Keep Appointments Bartonsville PA Pennsylvania!!. On 4/6/16 I scheduled Arrow Auto Glass to come to my property to replace my windsheild. The appointment was scheduled for 4/7/16 between 10 am and 1 pm, This morning at 8:06 am a Arrow Glass employee calls my cell phone and I missed the call. I called him back about 10 times before calling the office and being lied too. When I finally reached someone at the office wich is clearly a call center, it was approx 10 am before someone decided to answer. They lied to my face and stated the driver was at my residence at 8 am, which is untrue because my 8 year old son gets on the bus a 8 am and my wife was outside from 8 am to 8:30 am and no Arrow Auto Glass. When calling Arrow Glass they were rude, they lied and when I finally told them my wife was outside with my son at the time they claim they were at my house, they hung up on me. I called back to speak with a manager and there was none available, she was at a funeral. Yeah right, a supposed major glass company only has one manager and the same two people answer every time. Arrow Glass clearly sub contracts its installers, some what like a mobile cell phone repair company. They take the calls and dispatch whoever is in your area. Dont trust them, they are unreliable. Safelite may cost more but at least you know what and who your getting. If they lie about appointments, think about if the $500 window they replaced has issues or leaks. They would say screw you and stop answering your calls.

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