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Arrow Truck Sales Fontana Bob- Manager Efren- Sales Tim- Arrow Corp. (deals with 90 day warranty) Said we had a 90 day warranty, they charged us for a DOT inspection Fontana California!!. We Purchased a 2018 Freightliner from these people with the understanding that we had a full 90 day warranty… They won’t honor it. They charged us for a DOT inspection, upon delivery we discovered 11 air leaks, the truck wouldnt even pass an applied pressure test. (still no results from Arrow about this or even a refund for that, after being told they hire a 3rd party to do the inspection they basically told us its our problem.) So in my opinion this unnamed 3rd party pencil whipped the inspection. With not even 500 miloes on the truck it started throwing after-treatment codes, again i talked to Bob in Fontana and he said that there was no way the truck threw the same code over 1940 times even after i sent them the picture of the screen shot of the ECM i was told that it was inactive so it wouldnt hurt the truck. again they dont stand by their warranty and will tell you almost anything to sell you the truck and then your on your own. Definately will never buy another truck from these people or will I EVER recomend them to another driver.

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