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I communcated with Jonathan Adams (SL Sales Help) after he posted an ad selling an original version of Native Instruments Komplete 9 Ultimate. I asked Jonathan if the software was an orginal factory new product. Jonathan said the product was legitmate. I said clearly if the program was a bootleg. Mr. Adams said no and that I can rest assure the software is original. I then made agreement to purchase product with clear communication that it was legitimatelly real and factory new. Mr. Adams said he can provide me the program in a hard drive or send it through email. I said if he can send the files to me through email. After I received some programs I opened the programs it was clearly a illegal copy because I could not register the product. The product did not fuction with the hardware it was designed to work with. There are missing registeration codes to register product as legitmate. I have asked Mr. Adams for a refund he denies the product is an illegal bootleg. However, he cannot provide the missing registration numbers. In addition, tell me why there are messages on some files indicating words of “cracked program”, which referres to illegal tampering of software to make it run, yet not function. This is clearly a scam to steal money with false advertisment. .

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