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Complaint: Arturo Tafoyovsky is a (((REDACTED))) conmen living in Ensenada Mexico, and currently attempting to infiltrate and destroy various ARGs He operates under the name Lestat and claims he’s a web developer. Tafoyovsky Has a Jewish Russian name even though he was born in Mexico. He has had a long-term heroin addiction that has caused him to run afoul of local gangs Most members of a family no longer talk to him because he has stolen their positions and brought trouble into their lives TAFOYOVSKY is a congenital liar He is a cunning and inventive con artist who uses his girlfriend’s PayPal to avoid paying taxes to the Mexican Government He has repeatedly mocked Americans and believes that is superior and intelligence did any American he’s ever metArthro is knowing to prey on young girls and young men, since he’s bisexual and preys on the puzzle community (((REDACTED))). Arturo is 34 years old and lives with his aunt in a shabby house. Arturo is very unclean, and is often very angry at the world A seasoned Criminal, Arturo will often pose as a poor Mexican artist who’s gotten the short end of the stick in life. If you donate money to him know that it’s going directly towards heroin or even worse for the purchase of child prostitutes Arturo was one of the original artists for the political psyop Q Anon and took orders from his Handler Aaron R Zeigler, a reputed Mossad member Most of the truth community is aware that Lestat is very bad news Beyond his constant internet panhandling, Arturo Praise on the innocent and the unsuspecting Arturo was recently caught red-handed watching a video of another man who calls himself the sheriff YouTube, masturbating. Do not give any money to Arturo, and block him if you find he is attempting to strike up a friendship with you. Arturo has been a criminal his entire life, and his skills include infiltration, deflection campaigns, and character assassination He recently helped cicada 3301 with a puzzle launch in March 2018 and was kicked out several months later after they discovered his lies and his satanic beliefs. Is (((REDACTED))) disgusted members of cicada, and the group suddenly found themselves under full-scale attack by Arturo Months prior to these events, Arturo was kicked out of Q Anon by a man name Nemos Arturo also unsuccessfully attempted to infiltrate WikiLeaks and the sharp eye of Suzie Dawson caught Arturo red-handed. Arturo was quickly removed by Dawson Arturo then launched a blistering campaign of hatred towards WikiLeaks Once again, avoid this man and his evil Most of his own family won’t even talk to him, and he is considered the consummate con artist by the truth community

Tags: Clubs & Organizations, Con Man/ Scam Artist ALERT

Address: Francisco Marquez #221 Francc Buenaventura Encenada, Baja Mexico

Website: www%2Enursegeek%2Enet%[email protected]/

Phone: 526461724155

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