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Complaint: First of all let me tell you that this transaction was completed between my 17-year-old son and Jason from A S A P Motors over the telephone. My son and I our both willing to swear under oath in a court of law to any statement made in this response. This company, based on BBB comments, apparently has a history of preying on teenage boys by promising to deliver quality Complete Swap Japanese turbo engines and delivering junk. My son states, he contacted Jason, ASAP motors via the telephone. He asked several questions to be sure what he was getting and also contacted several other companies to find the best price. My son was working two jobs to gather the monies needed to rebuild the Nissan 240SX. Fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be, he chose A S A P Motors due to the following statements by their representative: tThe engine was a Complete Swap and no additional engine parts would be needed. complete P Pronunciation Key (k m-pl t ) Having all necessary or normal parts, components, or steps; entire: a complete meal. swap P Pronunciation Key (sw p) To trade one thing for another. tGuarantee that the engine would start and run. tThe lowest price for the SR20DET Engine. In regards invoice # 30523 attached to Mr. David Spriggs response. This is a perfect example of how deceitful this company has been to my son during this entire matter. I will justify my comment : tThe invoice reflects a shipping date 3/4/2004 – although the engine did not arrive till 5/5/2004. tThe invoice states, SOLD AS IS CONVERSION ONLY – tThe sales rep. Jason clearly stated that the engine was a complete swap and was guaranteed to start and run. tThe invoice states freight would be collect A S A P Motors paid the shipping tA $ 5.00 oil disposal fee was added to the invoice However, when the engine arrived it was attached to a pallet and wrapped several times with clear plastic wrap. The entire Engine and wrap was coated with used engine oil. The pallet is in storage for future examination by all concerned parties. t The bogus invoice was clearly created after the fact to cover their unethical operation in the city Houston. No signature by my Son or myself appears on the document. As Mr. Spriggs alluded to in his letter about contacting the freight company, A S A P motors of course shall conduct this as they hired the contractor, R & L Carriers. At no point did my Son or myself enter into a contract with said trucking company to transport anything. I will say this, the entire engine was attached firmly to the pallet and was encased in plastic wrap, if the parts were missing or broke off in shipping, then they would have still been inside the plastic encased wrapping when they arrived. To give another quick example of how dishonest A S A P Motors has been during this transaction. My Son called and spoke to a salesman and advised him the that not only was the ECU, Wiring harness and Oil pan damaged or unusable, but the Water neck assembly and Igniter on the wiring harness were missing. He mistakenly advised A S A P Motors that what he thought was called a distributor was also missing. So, to show just how low this business would go when dealing with a minor whom was not aware of the correct nomenclature, sent my son a broken distributor out of some old engine. When in fact the engine uses what is called a cam angle sensor in place of a distributor, this item is extremely expensive to replace. So, to end this extremely detailed and long letter, no I am not at all satisfied with the company’s response. I have not been satisfied with just about any response they have given My Son or I during this transaction. I can assure you that we have tried to settle this problem with over 36 documented phone calls to no avail. I intend to continue to push this issue with anyone and everyone that will listen. If a trip to Houston is needed to resolve this matter in the highest court I will do so. My Son was deceived and he worked very hard to get the money together to get this far with his dream car to be discouraged by dishonest business people whom hide behind the telephone and spew lies. Charles perry hall, MarylandU.S.A.

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