ASAP Motors Salem Missouri


Complaint: DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT PURCHASING FROM THIS COMPANY! I did and am getting sued by ASAP for returning a blown motor. I ordered a motor for my Nissan Truck. I contracted a reputable dealer to install the motor. After removal of old Motor from truck, vehicle was preped for insatallation of supposedly good motor. Motor had # four piston missing and indications of blown motor, contrary to claims of ASAP that “motor was low mileage motor

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Address: cylinder leak down tested

Website: I contacted credit card company and complained about ASAP selling defective merchandise. I notified the credit card company that I was not going to pay ASAP. ASAP then retaliated by sending threatening letter indicating legal action would be started if I did not pay for motor since they had no record of the motor being returned. I contacted the company (Dina Armstrong) and was told by her that I had to provide proof that the motor was actually sent. I provided her with the freight bill no. 004690142 from Wichita Southeast Kansas Transit Inc. who picked up the motor for transportation. She said she would check into it and the next time I heard any thing else about the situation

Phone: inspected internally and cleaned””

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