Asap Movers Md Review


I was given a flat quote over the phone with the sales manager Steve Miller who called me on the phone when i was seeking out a moving company on the intenet..He asked me to describe the contents of my house and i did..In return he gave the rate of 365 dollars for 4 hours and sent me a confirmation email and asked me to agree with the rate which i did by responding with my name..The day of the move,Steve called me and said that they couldnt make it and that they would have to come the next day,i said yes but only if i was given a discount for the inconveniance and that my lease had expired..He agreed and sent me a second confirmation email.. The following day, the movers called me and said that they were running late..I called the owner and he sounded like he was at home and sleeping..The cell phone also sounded very fuzzy and not like a regular business phone.I asked him about my discount and he said to wait for the movers to get there and have them call him..The movers called me again and said that they were lost and needed directions which was an indication that they were using prepaid cell phones without gps attached.When they fnally arrived,they came with a uhaul truck that didnt have a company name or licsence number..The foreman surveyed the ontents of the house and came to me and said that they were offering a flat rate vs the hourly rate that was given to me over the phone..The price was a whopping 690 dollars with one hundred dollars off for being one day late.. I told him that was far off from the rate i signed for over the phone and he said that it was going to take more than 4 hours and i had to many things and hourly would end up costing more.I reluctently signed for the flat rate.. They ended up finishing in 3.5 hours and when i called Steve Miller and confronted them,he said it was too late and if i didnt pay the cash,they would drive off with my things..I was very upset but paid to make sure my late parent’s furniture was secure..I called Lamont Rivers who is the owner and he said if i settled for hourly that the movers would take up more time to get more money..It was clear that i had been scammed..They all did indeed have what appeared to be government paid cell phones so no one could have access to true business phone numbers.. I read a review and to my dread,they did this to someone else except they came with a smaller truck instead of the promised bigger truck and cheated them out of the hourly rate saying that they would need two trips and that was not the case..They also charge 5 percent to pay with a credit card to coarse people into paying cash so they wont have to be challenged by credit cared companies..I thankfully was refunded by my bank my 70 dollar deposit because of the paperwork i shared with them from Steve Miller showing that he clearly lied about the hourly rate…I have sought out other government agencies to raise awareness so less people can fall victim to these scam artists..I have filed to get the leftover 200 dollars in cash back, but im confident that the business address is a phoney and discovered through consumer protection that they have more than one..Steve Miller and Lamont Rivers eventually have to face that this is going to catch up with them eventually.


Name: Asap Movers Md

Country: United States

State: Maryland

City: Baltimore

Address: 554 Presstman Street

Phone: 443-570-8363


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