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ASAP Towing and Storage Price Gouging and excessively high rates Jacksonville Florida!!. January of 2019, Towed my wifes car from a accident on Hwy 16 in ST Agustine Florida, told options were have it towed to our house for $150 plus $3 a mile, or they could tow it to their lot which is about same distance for same amount provided we picked up that day. We would need to pay immediately if to our house but had to go to hospital with my wife as she was injured and leaving house in such a hurry I forgot the credit cards/wallet. Upon leaving the hospital few hours later as we were headed to get the car, we phoned ASAP towing for directions and were told it would now be $450 to get the car. The next day, talking with the owner he admitted he made a mistake in charges but will not bring it down to the quoted amount, keeps wanting to charge fees that wouldnt have occured if the bill had been correct, never did occur, and I found out were against the law. His office staff even mention road closure fees which is provided by the Sheriffs deputies and not ASAP Towing. The owner keeps claiming in my BBB complaint I couldnt pay the bill, which never was said. I claimed I would not pay such a high rate. He insists not to worry about it and have insurance pay for it. All of his added charges are against county ordinance and even then he failed to give any notice as required. He appears to have quite a scam going here to rip off customers and insurance companies. The owner not only lies when asked about it, and while I have time stamped documents to prove his violation of the ordinance and his false claims of time on scene etc, he refuses to charge the quoted amount. The local Sheriffs Department that enforces the laws and ordinance refused to do more than try to negotiate the rate down some. All the while strictly enforcing on other tow companies. but refused to enforce on ASAP towing. Beware their tactics of stating a price and then hold your car for ransom for more money even if its just a mere 4 hours later. and if you dont pay it, they will put a line on your car and sell it, if they dont get enough money out of it at the sell, they will put a lien on the owner so they have to pay before renewing their license on any vehilce or even a operating license.

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