Ashe Cunningham – Carlisle, Ohio Ohio


My fiancee and I have been together for 3 years, and during that 3 years we had a child. He is in the military, so the day before our daughter turned a month old he had to leave for AIT. During that time, he met another girl who was also in the army. However she is from illinois. I had a friend who was in the same company as my fiancee and he told me what they did. They snuck around at night to get a quick little kiss. Little did he think, I had his bank card. I soon caught on about everything. At the end of august he was able to graduate AIT. His mother, me and our baby drive down to Missouri to pick him up. || I act casual like nothing happened, I see him talking to her. I go to the car and wait for him to get his stuff and go. Fast forward to when we arrive home. He changed his passcode, he wouldn’t let me touch his phone. I soon remembered the patterns he had for his new passcode and looked through his phone. Turns out her name in his phone was”Nate 2″ he has been setting her since he was in AIT. Telling her how amazing her kiss felt in ait. I immediately lose it and bleach every last shirt he had. I move out and take my daughter elsewhere. He lied and said he hurt his knee, while in ait and told me he had to go to illinois to fix it. Turns out, he never did and the girl met him at the hotel and a month later he stays with her in Illinois for a whole week. She almost gets pregnant and they pretend to be engaged. I FINALLY got with somebody else and bam. He calls me and tells me he fucked up. We’ll I’ll say!!! We get back together… The girl messages me on my Facebook and tells me how oh so sorry she is. I have never been so vulgar in my life. She then tries to tell me she only did it to make her boyfriend jealous and he did it for that exact reason to. Things got very sour. I went through every email and text they sent and just cried.. I told him if he ever talked to anybody with a vaginal again I’d take that rifle and put it up by his head. She is now a college drop out and lost her job. Her military career also ended. I almost ended his, but I never thought of doing that. He found out, that if you mess with me and cheat, I will make you pay for the rest of your life.

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