Ashlee Kemble – Carmel, Indiana Indiana


Ashlee Kemble of Indiana. (#akkemble) She slept with a Married Man and had a Baby with him. She got herself pregnant within weeks of the affair. Nicely Played. No, its not all on her, but she is far from innocent. She can tell herself she is a good person, but on her quest to her own happiness, she knowingly caused harm to another person and helped destroy a family. A woman with any self respect and dignity, would not sleep with a married man. Ashlee’s selfish behavior will have consequences for her new born son, but then again that is the price she was willing to pay for her own selfish needs. Ashlee Kemble of Indiana post photos on social media sites for the whole world to see. So Ashlee Kimble, don’t cry when you see this, you weren’t trying to keep it a secret. #akkemble

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