Ashleigh Davila – Tipton, Indiana Indiana


This is Ashleigh Davila from Tipton, Indiana. She met my husband while working at a nursing home. They have been seeing each other for months now. I suspected something was going on but not this just thought it was all the stress he was under from work and the long hours. It was actually our daughter that brought it to my attention when she was using his phone and found there messages. About how she misses him and talking about if she were to get pregnant how she’d have to have an abortion cause she can’t handle another child. This all has just pushed me over the edge. We have have been married 11yrs and he acts like nothing is wrong and goes about his day. I’ve decided to end it all they can have each other. I just want people in the area to know about her this isn’t the first time she has done this other couples have been able to work it out but I can’t I have children to worry about.

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