Ashley Anderson – St. Robert, Missouri Missouri


This girl Ashley Anderson has always been a side chick. She has slept with her friends men plus many other womenís men. Most recently she knowingly broke up a whole family. After his ex wife came to her and told her they were still together and that he was lying she still continued bc she didnít care. She tries to play innocent to all her friends and family and it is sad and pitiful that they allow her to think that the things she does is okay. The poor idiot she tore from his family thinks she is such an angel. He doesnít know she is still sleeping with her co-worker and has slept with two other co-workers. When the dude tried to tell him she made him believe that his page was a fake Facebook page. The poor idiot has even proposed to her and is going to marry her. Hell he isnít even a good dude, but hey she picked exactly what she deserved bc as soon as she gets pregnant or they get married he will start to beat her and control her like he did his ex wife and the girls before her. He is a homewrecker too bc he cheated on the mother of his child with Ashley. Kadeem is his name and he is in the army. He is the fakest conceited person and thinks he is gods gift to women. They honestly are a match made in heaven.

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