Ashley Chavez – Mount Joy, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


This “woman” is a no good for nothing homewrecker, because she needs to feel wanted and loved. She’s been married for ten years, and has been with three other men. All three men were her husband’s so called friends. She comes off innocent and caring and a want to be die hard friend, but after awhile you begin to see the real her. She’s a master liar that Even with confessions and evidence her husband doesn’t want to believe that she would ever cheat on him. She has low esteem and no self confidence, and that’s why she believes she has to flirt with every guy around. She’s persistent and gets her way. She’s sneaky. She’s only your friend to get close to your husband. She distances herself once they begin sleeping together. She hides when you go and confront her. Her sisters on here too and her mother should be. Must be hereditary.

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