Ashley Elizabeth Kleckley – Bluffton, South Carolina South Carolina


This girl Ashley Elizabeth Kleckley is one for the record books! She has no regard for anyone or anything including her own children. She is out to get money and attention from anyone that she can. She knew that my husband was married with a child and still came after him including putting herself in the same area as my son as much as she could. Even after finding out that I was again pregnant she did not care and continued pursuing my husband. She does not care about anyone’s family and is a complete gold digger. She thinks that she is better than everyone and that the world owes her something. She has spoken to me on more than one occasion and still does not care. We are here two years later and she continues to contact my husband. Watch out ladies this one is a piece of work and that fact that she is a “critical care paramedic” gives her full access to people who can’t even defend themselves!

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