Ashley Ellen – Granada Hills, California California


Been sleeping with her boss on and off. I want to expose her cause it’s not right and I’ve been cheated on before. She’s a disgusting whore and acts innocent when she’s really not. It’s messed up cause she has a little boy that’s blind and instead of whoring around she should be with her son. She’s gross!! I don’t know if she’s still fucking her boss but I’m sure she is. She was fucking him, some guy named Dylan, and still talking to her ex. Now she’s trying to get back with her baby daddy. This chick can’t keep her legs closed. They work at the metrolink and the guys name is Edwin. I don’t even know if his wife knows he’s sleeping with her. I hope she finds out. Edwin and his wife have 2 kids if I’m not mistaken. Her name on Facebook is Ashley Ellen.

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