Ashley Fawn Gardner – Kennebunk, Maine Maine


Sending naked pictures of herself, going out on “dates” to medical dinners (all while I am thinking he is going to alone), participating in the lie my husband has created so I dont find out about their sexcapades. If there’s an ethical code broken here, I will find it and bring it the medical boards. Hes just as bad. We are trying to fix it marriage (going to counseling) and she khows about it. I am so tempted to contact her and let her know what I think of her. Little does my husband know that I know all about it. She just wants Botox from him for sex. I have never been so disgusted in my life. What betrayal. A father of two young boys. How DARE he share pictures of MY children with HER! I’ve contemplated trying to make it work, but the more and more I find out about the slots my loser of a husband is sleeping with, the less and less I want to save this marriage. I’vw my entire life on hold to build up his medical practice (working three years without a single damn paycheck) only to be fooled by these low life scum bags. I’ve been washing his clothes with HER smell on them! We have a special needs son that I care and advocate for EVERY DAY and this is the payment I get. I go from heartbroken to irate. My kids and I deserve better. Almost 20 years together….what a waste. I hope her kids read this someday and see what kind of mother they really have.

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