ashley fuirniture kingwood Texas Review


Found a sofa in Ashley showroom Humble TX .. visited multiple times to ensure this was the sofa I wanted. Especially loved that it was squishy soft .. great to sink into for a long movie. Purchase price about $1500 +$300 protection plan +$150 delivery. Store offers 14 day no-question exchange policy. On receipt, I found sofa not only hard as a rock, but unbalanced. Large springs, like on a playground rocking horse, were centered in each pillowseat. Unless you sat balanced straight upright directly atop the spring, you would fall to either side/front/back. I called the sales rep the same night. He assured me that was just because the sofa was straight out of the factory. The one in the store had been sat upon by many customers to soften it. Give it time, he suggested. Stupidly, I didn’t even think about the 14 day return policy. I gave it 3 months…and it was still hard as a rock. There was no comfortable way to sit on this couch. This is just a poor quality sofa!!! I called the sales rep again and he suggested I submit my complaint to the protection plan service…but don’t say “poor quality””

he suggested – say there was something wrong with it. So I called..and when a rep came to my home

he AGREED with me – springs were too highly arched

he said; he’d seen it many times; took pictures

asked what I wanted for resolution. I said exchange for same $$ or greater. He said fine

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