Ashley Furniture Belfair Washington Review


On October 13 2011 order a new living room set from Ashley Furniture. The delivery date was on November 3 2011, i had to reschedule my delivery because i was not going to be home. So my delivery we rescheduled for the 23 of November. The 21st of November i get a call saying that the next day i will get a call telling me the time frame for delivery on the 23rd will be. Well the day went on and i got no call, so around 7pm i decided to call the store and ask what time i should expect my delivery. They had no idea what i was talking about. So they had me call the delivery office in TX. They did not have my furniture and had no idea what i was talking about with my scheduled delivery for the 23rd. So they said they really could not doing anything becasue it was late and most everyone had gone home for the night, and he said he would have to Silverdale Store manager (where i bought the funiture) to call me first thing in the morning.At 7:45am on November 23rd 2011 i received a call from the store manager Ashely (male) from the Ashley furniture store in Silverdale Wa. I told him what was going on and that i needed to have my furniture delivered today because tomorrow the 24 of November is Thanksgiving and it is my 1st time hosting at my house and i have no furniture for my guests to sit on. We talked numerous time throughout the day and the best compensation they could give me was 8% back and refund my delivery fee of 139.00.I paid $1836.64 for my furniture, that day they has a special and were giving an extra 17% off. When i talked to numerous people they told me i was going to get 25% back at 1st, later they told me that 17% of the 25% i was getting compensation for i got when i bought the furniture. I have been on the phone basically all day with them trying to figure out how to get my furniture to me, which they could not do because they do not know where my furniture is. They offered me a floor model until my furniture was delivered, i was fine with that until they told me i would have to come pick it up. I do not have the means to go pick up a living room set and that’s why we were getting it delivered.I called the Ashley Corporate office. The 1st lady i talked to said they could not give me any more then the 8%, i said that was unacceptable and i would like to talk to her superior, she refused to let me talk to someone for about 5-10 minutes then she finally placed me on hold to contact someone else. She took me off hold and told me i would be getting a call from Ron who is a customer service manager, he didn’t call a lady named Erica Vargas called me She is a Executive Escalations Manager, she told me they will not go above the 8% and that i should be happy with that. I told her i am not happy with 8%. I also told her i would be filing numerous complaints like with the BBB and she told me that she is the one who deals with these complaints.I am very upset with them and they know it. I feel that since they had my furniture on November 3rd they should still have to today, i got a few different reasons as to why they don;t have it, a few people i talked to didn’t know where is was, others said it was damaged, and Erica said they do not hold furniture, so i guess they gave it to someone else.

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