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Complaint: My bank account got wrongfully closed because my neighbor Ashley who is a district manager at the Columbus Park crossing wells fargo falsely accused me of harassing her at the 13 street location. She has been falsely accusing me of harassment for years, but she is the really won is harassing me and is having her family do it too. I received a threatening letter from their security agent Dane Chambers, he told me over the phone that I harassed their district manager Ashley H. I told him that he could kiss my a*s and go to hell so can she and her husband and the whole family. I was taking care of my own banking business because 1 day I couldn’t log into my online banking because wells fargo had disabled my login access, and told me I had to open a new account. Ashley is also stalking but lying saying I’m bothering her and everyone believes her. I was also being harassed by the employees at the 13th street location I was always having to come back, believe that I was also set up again, because of ashley calling the banker I was working with getting my new account open and it was closed right after and after how they run me back and forth and I get treated like this by some blond bimbo who always gets her way because she is blond. She called my son mentally retarded and she has ruined my good name all around wells fargo. My son told me when he was with me that the other employees were staring at him because they all were in a back room talking to some woman, at the time I didn’t know it was her. She also falsely called the police while I was in the bank. She wants to ruin me for some reason because I was being bothered by her dog who would always come in my yard, and they would never control it by Alabama law their dog had to be contained in their own yard. The animal control was picking up and finding other neighbors. It’s funny how these companies fire employees who don’t do anything. But keep the ones that actually do wrong to people. A lawyer told me I can sue her and for how she called my son mentally retarded. I have a case he told me. She is a very sick narcissistic person. She is a bully. The problem is she still keeps bothering me she wants to ruin me for some reason. They think they didn’t have to obey the laws like the rest of us, keep your own animals contained in your yard. Ashley H is the one who keeps coming around me and having people call her telling her about my business. She is the real criminal here. And how wells fargo said there wasn’t any bias in closing my account HA. If you read the tone from Dane chambers letter, you would see there was plenty of bias against me. I don’t understand why they have to lie. They put in writing they were terminating the business relationship, they weren’t saying because she falsely accused me of have messed up this time because I have the security tapes that my lawyer can subpoena to prove that I was taking care of my own business. It wasn’t like I came from the street and coming in the bank for no reason. This is another violation of my civil rights, dane chambers also said that if I had any type of loan with them I could not go in any wells fargo locating her in the bank while my son and the banker I was talking to. But if the banker lies saying I was harassing her there is something very wrong. Then she goes flaunts herself being cocky because she keeps getting away with falsely accusing me of no reason. Well and that I had to e-mail or talk over the phone. BECAUSE YOU KNOW IM SUCH A THREAT TO HER IM GOING TO HARM HER WHEN SHE IS THE THREAT AND WANTS TO HARM ME. Dane chambers can KISS MY A*S so can everyone who was involved. A lawyer did tell me this whole situation is BIZARRE. Wells fargo is protecting her for some reason. I’m sick of ashley h and gang bothering me and my son. Ashley h is a CRIMINAL she can hide behind her FACADE of doing things for the community. This wells fargo location is the most crooked, and how they were staring at me and my son because of her lies she was saying against us. IF I HAD ANY OTHER LOAN WITH THEM I WOULD TAKE MYSELF IN ANY OTHER WELLS FARGO LOCATION AS I PLEASE. ASHLEY H CHAS CAN’T TAKE MY FREEDOMS AWAY. DANE CHAMBERS CAN KISS WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE AND SO CAN THEY Her parents taught her to be a hoodlum and a bully. Because I have seen what type of nasty people they really are. And why their daughter turned out the way she did. A lying criminal. It was a set up by ashley hawthorne and this employee at this phenix city branch location. Wells fargo purposely disabled our online account because of this dirty evil trick they were going to do to us. But the police looked at us and knew we wasn;t bothering anyone. But ashley hawtnorne is playing the victim here even though WERE THE VICTIMS OF HER! lies and defamation of character! She had no right to slander our good name to anyone at wells fargo for them to form an opinion against us, which led to our new account being closed and dane chambers writing us a dirty letter!

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Address: 616 13st Phenix City, AL United States



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