Ashley Henery – Logan, Ohio Ohio


This is Ashley Henery. A homewrecker. She repeatedly pursued my fiance. They had dated for 2 or 3 months and she got knocked up. This happened while we were taking a break. Needless to say, I accepted his apologies and we continued our engagement. Well when it came time for Mark Mcglothlin to see his Son, she would try seducing him. Sending me things about him. It was terrible. So she stopped Mark from seeing the child. Three years go by and guess who pops back up into our lives trying to split us up? None other than Ashley Henery. They are both guilty. But she knew him and I were engaged. She knew we have 4 kids together and she still pursued him. She’s so stuck on Mark that she can’t move on with her sad life. She is crazy. The first time they were together, she filled his boots with dog crap. Cut his clothes up and threw her kids Halloween candy at him. She is an addict and all women in the area should take caution. Keep your husband’s away from Logan Walmart.

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