Ashley Janes, South Carolina


This woman is absolutely evil! She knew my husband and I were married but she continually threw herself at him, waiting until he was black out drunk usually. Not that I am defending him, they are both scum. This woman carried on an affair in MY HOME for 7 months. She claims that he lied to her to and that she did not know that we were “not” in an open marriage. WE ARE NOT AND NEVER WERE IN AN OPEN MARRIAGE! If that were the case then why were you two hiding it? Why were you to ignorant or stupid to realize he still had on his wedding ring?! She apparently manipulated him to make it continue, claiming suicidal tendencies and playing the victim card. She also thinks its okay to sleep with her best friends significant others too. I know of at least 7 people she has slept with including my husband in the past 9 months. The only reason she told me was because she said she felt guilty. NO, the real reason was because I and my husband blocked her via social media (she claimed she blocked him, just one of many lies). She was hoping I would leave him and she could have him. YOU DESERVE NO ONE AND NOTHING BUT SUFFERING YOU DISGUSTING EXCUSE FOR A WASTE OF SPACE!

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