Ashley Keating – Carrollton, Texas Texas


Metroplex families, beware of this woman. She is Ashley Keating of Carrollton, Texas. She likes married men. Not only that, but she had no problem cheating on her own husband to do so. This woman is a certifiable HomeWrecker. She did it while this guy’s wife at the time was actually pregnant with their second child. She used to show up with the older child’s lunch at his elementary school – the very school at which the pregnant wife also worked. She used to attend the older child’s soccer games – all while he was still married, and his wife was still pregnant. She did it all despite being asked tearfully, directly, by the wife, to leave her husband alone. But there’s more! 2 homes wrecked is not enough for this broad. The dumb guy looked past Ashley’s physical appearance and actually married her. Now, she pretends to be the kids’ real mom. She is at every practice, game, and event for her stepchildren, even when their own dad can’t make it. Even when it’s not his day. Even though she has 2 kids of her own she could be with. She does this in full view of other parents as well as their own highly-capable mother. That’s right, she actually represents herself in public as the kids’ real mom while that woman is present. This woman is on the PTA board of both schools which the stepkids attend. She does not have an actual kid of her own at either school. She is not on the PTA board of her own daughter’s school. She claims to be a mother of 4 but that is a lie. She has 2 kids. Her step kids already have a great mom. Ladies, steer clear of this piece of work because she will probably try to have sex with your husband. Kids, stay away from her because she will try to kidnap you. And men, stay far from her as well. Don’t look into her eyes…

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