Ashley Taylor – Perry, Florida Florida


This girl Ashley Taylor is dating and living with a very married man. They do not care and she is well aware that he is married, that he has a family he abandoned, and a wife he was abusive to. Iíve seen this girl telling people that she knows heís married but doesnít care. He moved here with a married woman before this girl came along, sheís the 6th or 7th side piece and Iím sure she wonít be the last. Her mom must be so proud to raise her to turn out to be nothing but a side piece. She is perfect for him though because sheís dumb enough to believe the same lies he tells all the other ones. He hurt his wife and family, got kicked out of the military because of his affairs and abuse and doing illegal things. He tells these girls that heís going to marry them, have a home with them, but he sure isnít giving his wife a divorce. He doesnít want one because as long as heís married he doesnít ever have to commit to them beyond using them to get what they so easily give away. The married guy, Brian Booker, aka Pc Guy, ran from his home state to hide from divorce and because everyone found out what all he was guilty of. Hide ya husbands because we got another dumb home wrecker in the bar! This chic posts about loyalty and honesty and relationship goals, but if you have to hide things and try to lie about your boyfriend being married, guess what, youíre a w****. Iíve sent his wife pictures and videos of them so she can have what she needs to get rid of this piece of crap. Sure will be funny when he drops her when it comes time to follow through on all these promises. Why donít you make your ďmanĒ man the hell up and take care of his responsibilities before opening your legs to him? Thatís right because youíre trashy enough not to care.

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