Ashly Mims – Queens, New York New York


This bug eyed Long Island basic bridge and tunnel female and weekend binge drinking party girl evidently has a taste for still married white British men as I found she flew out on her own dime to celebrate her dirty 30th drunken birthday week with my womanizing playboy ( really a little dick alcoholic sex addicted Selfish ego maniac who just wanted a green card) who she say is just a ” friend” (yeah fwb) invited her to stay at our former apartment ( and share the bed) not long after I moved out even though we were still married and not even legally separated or divorced) he may have told her he was divorced when he wasn’t and said I told him to say it like he told all of his other hoes and facebook / dating site groupies from all over the place that he has fly in on their tab to visit and stay with and hopefully screw him) I’m thinking he met her while we were still in New Jersey ??? Anyway of course she couldn’t wait to post pictures of herself with him , hungover in tiny bikinis in the apartment, at the pool reading his favorite book and in outfits she wore when he took her to some C and D level Los Angeles restaurants like killer shrimp ,in and out burger and Sur (.which is played out already) and even to his place of work . The female must not have any other men in her life because she was so impressed and probably thinks she is special and that he is so nice for putting her up and taking her out .Ha!( I know what he really is and ” nice” isn’t it!-). That is the least he could do .Maybe she doesn’t know that he will do whatever as much or as little as it takes to initially impress a female to get what he wants :wine dine pump and dump!. after all he is an exotic car sales man -he knows how to sell an image and those status craving ratchet hoes that worship Beyoncé and watch real housewives of Atlanta fall for it so easily. He will take a out once or twice or to a fancy event he got free tickets to from his job or have her fly in and stay with him or his favorite cheap Netflix and chill in disguise – offer to cook for her at his place ( he is mediocre at best in the kitchen as he is in the bedroom but it enough to win over and impress a basic or ratchet and get laid then he gets bored an in to the next dusky conquest.Sure he will keep her in his phone book as backup booty on his social media harem list and she will continue to act like a cool but secretly pining “friend” call/text him occasionally and like ALL his pictures like a thirsty fan(though he never comments on any of hers whether she has her boobs hanging out or not and she is too light skinned for his taste anyway – he likes dark meat ) hoping for a replay from 3 years ago when he made her feel like ghetto Cinderella for a while even while being used. She is not the only one either. probably planning a trip to Florida where he moved (after getting fired for being an assclown and screwing half of L.a) so she can “visit” him once again and be penciled in as his live in blow up doll for a week again. I wouldnt be surprised if she tried to meet up with him in New Jersey when he was coming to visit our love child – knowing his dog ways and willingness to screw anything with a warm hole especially if it’s African or Hispanic. She can waste her life waiting for him to change like all the rest . I highly suggest moving on focusing on her boring office job and aim higher and find a real English gentleman who is about something like Rapper Eve’s billionaire hubby and not a middle age fuck boy or man ho who only looks good on paper like I did before it is too late and she becomes a middle aged cat lady watching James Bond films over and over. The Rolls Royce peddler is following charlie sheen and Anthony wieners footsteps and won’t stop chasing tail / being a ho until he is forced to by karma.

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