Ashton Crosswell – Lemoore, California California


This girl has always been a loose person, ever since we were preteens and Ashton Crosswell tried to sleep with everyone’s daddy but time sure has not improved her. I have three friends who’s husbands have had her drunk ass come on to them the past year and she tried to ask my husband for a threesome. What I want to know is where does her husband think she is all the time? || It’s kind of sad because I’ve heard he’s a good guy even though I’ve personally never met him. I don’t know who I feel worse for him having a wife who is so gross and cheats on him constantly or her daughters who probably don’t even know who their daddy’s are and have a mother who touched every man in the Kings county area that will pull his pants down for her. I wish this trash would move out of our town because we’re all sick of her slutty ass still being a home wrecker almost 15 years since she started.

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