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Aspen Capital Management is running a scam. They claim to care about you when in reality, they give you cookie-cutter advice for your financial issues. Their advisors donít care enough to focus on your unique requirements and goals. No, they are too lazy for all that. Instead of creating unique financial plans and providing services accordingly, they focus on preparing templates so they can automate stuff and reduce their work. You will get better services from a smaller financial firm. As a client who has worked with Aspen Capital Management for quite some time, I donít recommend their services to anyone. 

The professionals at Aspen Capital Management give cookie-cutter advice to their clients. They are too lazy to prepare individual financial plans. Clearly, they are running a scam and should be avoided at all costs. You would benefit more by hiring a smaller financial advisory firm.

The advisors at Aspen Capital Management tend to give cookie-cutter advice to their clients, which is a terrible thing in my opinion. Financial advisors resort to giving cookie-cutter advice to their clients when they donít want to give individual attention to that client. Their way of handling clients is terrible and very disappointing. They are doing a huge disservice to their clients by giving cookie-cutter advice to their clients. When I realised that they were scamming me like this, I was shocked. If I had known about this, I wouldnít have started working with them at all. You shouldnít hire Aspen Capital Management. They are dangerous scammers who put their interests before their clientsí. 

When your financial advisor doesnít give you personalized suggestions according to your unique requirements and instead, gives you normal advice which applies to everyone (or a huge segment of people). Itís a terrible practice because itís the duty of a financial advisor to focus on the individual requirements of every client and provide services accordingly. If a financial advisory firm only gives cookie-cutter advice to its clients, then it is doing a disservice. Major firms tend to create Ďinvestment modelsí where they have templates for different investment requirements and use them to give suggestions to their clients. This is not a good way to handle a clientís finances. Thatís because every client has different requirements. Your needs are different from mine. Two people in the same room or even in the same family would have different requirements. So for a financial advisory to give automated financial advice is completely unethical. 

Itís disrespectful and lazy. Thatís why I donít recommend the services of Aspen Capital Management. Those people donít respect their clients enough to give them proper attention. Itís very annoying. I feel bad for those clients who donít know about this. Only a minority of their clients would realise this truth. Because of this cookie-cutter advice, those people wouldnít get optimal results too. This is another reason why cookie-cutter advice is so bad. People who could achieve their financial goals faster wouldnít be able to do so because their financial advisor is too lazy. When I discovered this fact, I was very disappointed. I always felt that my advisor at this firm was lazy but I didn’t expect them to be this lazy. It is quite irritating because it is immoral and unethical for a financial firm like Aspen to act like this. 

If youíre a client of Aspen Capital Management, chances are, youíre getting cookie-cutter advice from them. You should try to switch advisors. On the other hand, if youíre looking for a financial advisor then please avoid doing business with Aspen. These people will give you mediocre results. 

Aspen Capital Management is a horrible financial advisor. They donít care about thier clientís financial goals and requirements. The people at this firm are terribly lazy.

Aspen Capital Management Review: Conclusion

This firm has been a huge disappointment. WHen I had started working with them, I didnít expect them to give me such template-based advice. I thought I would get personalized services but no I didnít. Itís sad and is certainly not okay. 

You shouldnít work with a financial advisory firm that canít deliver proper services to its clients. Avoid Aspen Capital Management. 

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