Aspen Dental Muncie Indiana Review


I was told that my teeth were terrible and couldn’t be saved because of periodontal disease. I had no idea what this was. They extracted 22 teeth and gave me immediate denture. They fit well at first due to swelling, then after they healed they were very loose. I went in to get permenet liner placed and in the exam process the dentist at the muncie office stuck his finger I my mouth and said “” suck my finger””. After I was done with the mold I told him that he better never say that to me again. Then when I replaced my dentures in my mouth I told them that they were still loose and he told me I would have to deal with it. I can’t eat with them at all. They will fall if I smile, or if I’m having a conversation. I then went back in for another adjustment on May 13th 2014 and they kept my teeth for 3 hrs. When I got them back they were exactly the same as when I left except for now I have an overbite and can feel my top teeth tuching my bottom lip. The lady that took the impression told my that it was normal to have an over bite. If it was normal then why didn’t I have it before? I know have to go elsewhere to have new dentures made! I do not recommend anyone to go to aspen dental! They are very unprofessional !!!!!!! James Muncie Indiana

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