Assemblymember Al MURATSUCHI Torrance


Complaint: Al Muratsuchi puts the criminals before the victims. Al Muratsuchi voted YES on SB10 to release ALL the criminals from JAIL on a ticket and without any accountability… A person who now breaks into your home even with you inside, a person who commits a rape, robbery, child molestation will now be released from jail with a pinky promise to show up to court. AL, WHAT ABOUT THE VICTIM’S ???? Shame on you Al Muratsuchi. You were all set to vote no until the UNIONS paid you off. SEIU Sound familiar AL. We thought you were better than that. How much did the unions give you AL ?? What other freebies did you get. You AL Muratsuchi are a DIRTY politician and I will be investigating you to the fullest extent of the law. WE SAY NO TO DIRTY POLITICIANS. We do not care of Democratic or Republican. We only care about DIRTY VS HONEST And you Al Muratsuchi are a crook, A LIAR AND A THIEF.

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Address: 3424 W. Carson Street # 450 RANCHO PALOS VERDES, California United States


Phone: 310-375-0691

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