Asset Acceptance Capital Corporation [AACC] Complaint


About a year ago, I got a letter in the mail from a Law Firm in San Francisco called Peck & Ray, and inside stapled to the envelope was what appeared to be an official document from the court with a box checked default judgement. I was the defendant and Asset Acceptance was the plaintiff. First of all, I never received notice to appear in court, and it appeared the case was filed sometime in last year. I wrote the lawyer, trying to validate the debt, but received a letter back saying that they had wrote a letter to me in September 2007 and my time to request to validate the debt had since expired. However, I could call her (the person”s name was Carolyn Kennedy) and ask questions or make arrangements to pay the debt. I wrote her back requesting documentation of this supposed contact that I”d already received. I never heard anything from them again until now. Now I get a letter from the County of San Diego stating that an Abstract Judgement has been reached and a lien has been placed against me. . I thought I had the right to face my accusers…not be all of a sudden told that I have this pending judgement against me. As a matter of fact, I have never received anything from Asset Acceptance either, (well…during the summer of 2007 I did get quite a few “robocall “messages on my answering machine that were severely truncated and only gave me a portion of the telephone number, but didn”t specify who was calling). The thing is also, that this default judgement was filed in my city. So a summons should”ve been no problem to deliver to me. The judgement was for the amount of $3157.83 and this lawsuit was supposedly filed sometime in 2007. Since I was never given the opportunity to have the debt validated, I should be given this opportunity. I also have filed a complaint with Attys General in CA and MI. The abstract of Judgement was represented by Thomas M Ray Peck & Ray 1841 Market St San Francisco, CA 94103

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