Asset Solutions; Aj Haider; His wife; Crystal


well. my husband and i started a company. and we reach out to Asset Solutions for various jobs. Aj contacted us at the end of May. he said that he did not have any jobs in our area and he will contact us later. and he did. so we started jobs for him at the end of june and the month of july. the deadlines already passed due so he constantly called.ys rushing us to complete the jobs. sometimes had to go back and corrected some issues. but when it was time to pay he stated that he will direct deposit the money since he had our paperwork. no pay. then at the end of july we constantly contact him. he and his wife started to get mad. then aj said to email crystal the accountant. havent heard from her or him. then my husband said he was contacted by aj saying the check was in the mail. we waited. no pay. august comes and here comes busy crystal stated that she got our email late, she was sorting it out, waiting on the bank to clear, trying to verify jobs, do not rush her she have more clients, and now still waiting on the bank. these are all the excuses she stated in our emails. meanwhile still contact aj and wifey to say we are mexicans and they do not speak spanish when i send them an email stating some instructions stating its english not spanish to be a smary butt about them not paying us. no pay still. its sept and no word from aj and wife with emails from crystal being rude on each one she sent. its about to be oct but still no pay. where is our money Asset Solution? Aj? Wife? Crystal?

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