Assistant State of Florida Attorney James A. Hellickson Jasper Florida


Complaint: U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder U. S. Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20530-0001 RE: Documented Proof and Concerns of Prosecutable /Fraud and misconduct (fabrication of evidence)by the State of Florida from International Fraud to Unfair Tactics of States Attorney to Law Enforcement Officials, Seizure of Corporations, Bank Fraud, Real Estate Fraud, Interstate Wire Transfer of Funds Fraud, U. S. Postal Fraud, and Selective Prosecution of an Individual to commit such fraud and 1.4 million cases of Identity Theft. U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Fraud of this magnitude is a must for you to become aware of and the fact that the chain of command has been exhausted without due process of exploring and examining said fraud. I will attempt to place in chronological order for you as not to make this as lengthy as it is with supported evidence that has been placed in the hands of the States Attorney and Clerk of Courts who refuse to police and investigate their own agents and agencies. Allowing state officials to run ramped violating civil and international laws and citizens. The documented proof of these facts is undeniable. Assistant States Attorney (Florida) James Arthur Hellickson under the direction of States Attorney (Florida) Bernie McCabe did in fact create and obtained a fraudulent warrant of arrest and extrication from the Kingdom of Spain of a United States Citizen,. A felony information was created by said attorney without a sworn testimony of a material witness as mandated by the Florida Constitution and Statues. This instrument was used in the extradition from Spain.(not produced in Freedom of Information). Issued false promises and guaranties to fraudulently induce extradition with the intent to breech the Diplomatic Note. A paragraph length statement of an officer that was felt not damning enough to encourage the Kingdom of Spain to follow through with the extrication of a U. S. Citizen. Assistant States Attorney Hellickson and crew took upon themselves to bolster officer statement to enhance and encourage the Kingdom of Spain to negotiate extrication and this type of communication is not in the scope of practice of a States Attorney when dealing with Treaty and Diplomatic Notes with a foreign country and the United States. Article II, Section 2, Clause 2, of the U.S. Constitution gives the president the power to negotiate and ratify treaties, but he must obtain the advice and consent of the Senate (in practice solicited only after negotiation); two-thirds of the senators present must concur. Article I, Section 10, of the U.S. Constitution forbids the states to enter into a “treaty

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