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Complaint: Your post regarding being scammed saddens me, and I truly hurt that this story continues. Bogus Employment Offers As of 2 days ago now, evidently the scammers are still on the move with THE SAME SCAM-TEMPLATE (get ’em in for a bogus job, work ’em a little, then allow them to do a ‘special project’ which turns out to support their ‘new office’ now opening up, which is when when they steal from you to support it) Below is the order of the ‘bogus company’ names they have used recently to support their criminal effort. (note that they have no qualms about setting up websites with ‘workable’ English, and using bogus Linkedin & other SM profiles to back up the SCAM!!!) International Pacific Transportation Co. Astile Transportation & Warehousing Code Logistics Excel Logistics also see: (((link redacted))) (((link redacted))) (search for “bogus employment offers”” in the search-box) (((link redacted))) (my initial expose

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Address: including the whole text of the come-on) (((link redacted))) also look on (((link redacted))) for “”astile duped”” and/or “”astile duuped”” for mine and another’s encounters with the criminal enterprise – (the justanswer site seems to be down for me right now) The ‘Astile’ iteration has been reported to the ic3 as of ~Dec 2011. really does seem like

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