Astris Construction, llc Review


This guy has two company Astris Construction and Urban Electircal – hire both to do a project in my home – Project Remodel my Kitchen.- Which included electircal and plumbing etc …He took money as we agree on progression of payment as i feel better with that method ..Into the job, …2 weeks too be exact…he dispare ..WTF ..calls him up after 2 days from not showing up …whats up buddy what happen …ah a few of guys are sick and sorry i did not call you to let you kown – i am a little busy with some personal stuff… i said okay .sick guys okay…give him a week than …i said okay next week we back on track than …yes sir ..yes sir…every thing will be back in full swing…next comes Mr. Chung no Workers…nothing nada…calls him up ..don’t pick up my calls…today is 3 weeks later and still no call back from Mr Chung…stay away people…his business name and contact info..

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