ATL Logistics


On Facebook, contact no longer exsists, Bengal Kittens for Adoption, I am looking to adopt 2 kittens, to replace the one i lost in Jan. 2017. Her page came up in my search, the woman sent me a photo of her drivers license to prove who she was, I’m wondering if they stole that from someone. all I was asked to pay for was the logistical portion to ship 2 kittens, $155.00 per kitten, needed Money order so they could pay for the registration for this morning, certificated would be sent with the kittens, to put these kittens on a plane and send them too me, all went smooth, until my cell phone went crazy and emails saying that I needed to pay a rental fee of $1,100.00 for a temperature crate, and they would give me $1,000.00 back when they delivered the kittens to my door, wanted me to wire through western union to a random person’s name, sent photos of the crates which are just regular crates, and freaked out at me with emails when I call them a scam, I called the phone number back, person said hello? I said who I was, they paused, I asked who am I calling…another pause…OUUUHHHH this is ATL Logistics yes you are sending us money for your puppies…I paused…PUPPIES??? WRONG…sending them money?? WRONG, they gave me a tracking # even to track delivery of the kittens, and I noticed the date said MONDAY APRIL 18 today is Tuesday. I went back to the facebook and told her I no longer wanted to do the transaction asked for my money back she said OK and then closed the account, I went through the actual folks I sent money through, but it had already been received and a formal investigation has been logged with them. I actually saved the photo of the license that was sent to me through facebook as I’m now thinking they may have stolen this woman’s identity.

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