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AJC is littering Lakes at Cedar Grove subdivision with the AJC Reach solicitations despite residents” repeated request that AJC stop throwing the solicitations in the streets, driveways, vacant homes, grass and vacant lots of the no solicitation Subdivision. Because AJC has not responded to residents request, the community now has piles of wet, soggy papers and plastics wrappers in storm drains and detention ponds that lead to 5 waterways that feed the Chattahoochee river. Neighbors have been picking up the mess that AJC has left behind- this is an undo burden to residents. Picture shows stormdrain outlet that carried plastic wrapped AJC reach solicitations to one of the detention ponds. The AJC litter must be cleaned from the detention ponds before it goes into waterway. This is very unsafe for residents to do, but if not cleaned the solicitations will go into the lakes.

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