Atlanta Solution Locksmith, LLC Austell Georgia Review


The technician or should I say scam artist came out to change my locks. Once he got here he asked if I had the existing key I said yes and gave him the key. He said all he had to do was re-key the key and he removed all the cylinders. I had purchased locks but he said that it would not be necessary to use them because he was re-keying the locks which would solve my problem. So I thought my lock cylinder was changed not on one lock but 5 locks until my sister arrived with the old key and came right in. Once I called the company back they stated that they would send the scammer back out to correct the problem but the scammer never came back out and I continued to call to rectify the situation for several hours throughout the night and to no avail these inconsiderate idiots never came back out to fix my locks. So basically I am out one hundred dollars and now need to call another locksmith to do the job. This company is full of s**t and are definitely ripoff artist and I hope that they are stopped from doing this to someone else. Internet United States of America

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