at&t universal card chicago Illinois


Complaint: at&t universal card has systematically altered ,by reducing card limit and completely eliminating cash excess to card that I had for many years and before theiracq-uisition never had one problem with. It at one time allowed me a 25,000 dollar line of and since I have not used it in 4 years for neither purchases or cash, I havewithout fail paid on time every month the better part of a thousand dollars a month. I can prove this. With all this there has been no noticeable reduction in the balance.Even while paying loyally on time more than the amount required or due, the harassment by this company was so horribl that I decided to suspendpayments hoping to get this in court. I know they are wrong and have no in tention of continuing with business as usual.

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Address: p.o.box6284 sioux falls, South Dakota United States of America



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