Aubrey Renne – Forestville, New York New York


I have been married to my husband for 15 years. This 25 year old girl Aubrey Renne moves in with her grandmother who lives right next door to us. Somehow she ends up giving her phone number to my husband. Fast forward to almost a year later and they are now having a full-blown affair. I call her and ask her why she is on the phone with my husband until 2 or 3 AM every single night. This young woman goes on and on about how she is a godly person, she’s a Christian and she would never even want to be labeled as a home-wrecker. The depth of the lies that is girl told to try and cover her tracks are astounding. I have four children with my husband who she saw on a daily basis outside playing with their mother and father. I found out about the affair in June of this year. One month later I found out that she is pregnant. Nothing excuses my husband and his actions. This girl knew he was married and had four children that she lived directly next door to. Upon learning of the pregnancy she has the nerve to tell me that this child is a blessing that she is carrying. She has managed to ruin an entire family among with my husband. When speaking with her on the phone she even quoted Bible verses to me. There is something deeply disturbing about this young women. I hope she prays to her God every night. As for me, I will pick up the pieces to ensure that my children are ok and get through this. I wish this was all just a bad dream. I so glad that she got what she wanted. She disgusts me.

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