Audi Lighthouse Point


Audi Lighthouse Point Lied about the condition of the used car. Lighthouse Point Florida!!. This is the kind of behavior you would never expect from an Audi dealership. While trying to sell me a preowned Cadillac CTSV they told me that they had put new tires on the car and that they had performed all the recommended service. The car was then taken to a Cadillac dealer and inspected and I find out that the tires have only 35% tread left in that none of the recommended services they claimed were performed. I guess I’m lucky they washEd the car and give it an oil change. I confronted the general manager Sam about it and he told me that the condition was acceptable if it was a certified Audi. As to his staff lying about the condition of the car he had nothing to say. He told me that if I took hI’m to court it would be my word against his. This is the kind of behavior you expect to find in a car dealership and the worst part of town. How does Audi let them use their name. I might as well have bought my car from craigslist. New tires for this car will cost $1800 and the services they lied about will cost me several hundred more. Good luck lying to the judge Sam.

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